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About Us

In 1989, we opened our doors as a food manufacturer. Our original warehouse-esque office on 100 Pine Street in San Francisco was where, through numerous trials and errors, we learned the ins and outs of making different food items for restaurants and retailers alike. Although we also make truly American items like BBQ sauces, we grew to be known within the industry for items with a Japanese and Asian flair: teriyaki sauce, tempura batter, and much more.

100 Pine Street

Fast-forwarding a few decades, we are excited to introduce you to 100PineKitchen! This was an idea that was brewing in our heads for a long time, being able to go back to our Japanese roots and inspiring all home-cooks around the world with tasty & exciting food items. Combining our research & development expertise with a controlled small-batch production in our kitchen, we want to elevate your at-home dining experience to the next level.

Japanese cuisine has been around for millennia, but has only started gaining global recognition in the recent years. With 100PineKitchen, we hope to show you innovative food items that will excite your taste buds and turn you into an expert in Japanese food culture.